Relocation Coaching

Re-establish. Reinvent. Rebuild Your new life.

There is a big difference between surviving and thriving in a new country. Effective relocation coaching assists globally mobile employees and their spouses to re-establish their lives and settle seamlessly into a foreign country so that they thrive

Are you or your spouse anticipating a move? Are you and your family feeling overwhelmed and stressed at the prospect of integrating into a new community, navigating a new culture and customs in a foreign country or having to re-establish your personal and/or professional life? If so, relocation coaching can assist you with the daunting task of relocating to with confidence, ease and success. 

What is relocation coaching? 

Particularly beneficial during times of transition and change, relocation coaching supports you and your expatriate family as you prepare for and adjust to your new circumstances in a new environment/foreign country.

Through a process of powerful, targeted and thought-provoking questioning, I ignite your inner drive and resourcefulness, shift your perspective, raise your self- awareness and empower you to generate new insights, possibilities and solutions. During this stressful transition period in your life, I focus on your personal growth and building your resilience and confidence so that you are able to deal with the practical and emotional challenges of relocating with ease and success.

With me as your coach, you will be able to re-establish, reinvent and rebuild a life you are excited and proud to lead. Successfully plan for your transition and beyond!

As your relocation coach, I assist you in:

  • Integrating into the community and building a support network

  • Assimilating and becoming acquainted with your new environment

  • Reducing the stress of uprooting your entire life

  • Minimizing fear of the unknown

  • Creating a new purpose-driven life

  • Feeling empowered in your new community

  • Overcoming culture shock 

  • Understanding new customs, culture, values and behaviours

  • Maintaining a positive mindset

  • Managing personal and professional relationships

  • Adjusting your perspective to focus on all the advantages of the new opportunities that await 

  • Building resilience 

  • Dealing with the transition with children and exploring how to be an expatriate parent

Relocation Coaching offers you: 

  • Practical, solution-focused, manageable action steps to successfully and confidentially integrate 

  • Tools to cultivate a calm approach towards change and uncertainty

  • Help dealing with cultural diversity in the workplace: time management, working style, language, culture and personality differences

  • Coping strategies to tackle: insecurity, social isolation, loneliness, frustration, emptiness, culture shock, fear of the unknown, lack of belonging and loss of network of friends and family

  • Career support to help spouses explore new and fulfilling work and/or volunteer options

  • Support in exploring education options for children

  • Help integrating family members who are unable to manage life in a new location

  • Accountability, support and encouragement 

  • Safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to plan for your transition and beyond 

Don’t Just Survive Abroad…

Thrive Abroad!

My relocation coaching enables individuals to take time to reflect, find clarity and discover solutions and strategies to the challenges they face in this ever-changing world. By offering a confidential and non-judgemental space, I invite the opportunity for change. For it is my firm believe that when individuals find a way to create environments where they are preforming at their absolute best, they will be empowered to contribute significantly, maximize their own unlimited potential and achieve the unimaginable. 

Be Empowered. Be Motivated. Be Inspired.

Navigate the overwhelming task of relocating with ease and success.

Together with me as your coach.