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Event: Festival of Global People

on 14 & 15 May, London

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Join me at the Festival of Global People on Tuesday 14 May & Wednesday 15 May 2019 where I will be a panelist speaking about the importance of coaching in the global context, executive coaching, and career coaching for relocation partners.

Panel: "Coaching – Empowering Employees to Flourish in Challenging Times”

Event Venue: St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London, NW1 2AR

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Exciting Programme:

Ignite new ideas and gain a fresh perspective on how to build, engage and enable global teams to achieve sustainable growth: inspirational keynotes, facilitated roundtables, panel sessions, specialist interactive workshops and pre-booked appointments with industry experts.

This unique event will cover a range of topics relevant to all those managing global teams:

  • Discover how to keep your global employees engaged

  • Learn how to put inclusion at the heart of HR

  • Discover how coaching and creativity can support your team 

  • Ensure corporate and employee compliance

  • Explore talent and leadership development challenges

  • And much more...


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Podcast: Small Steps to Big Changes

with Alexandra Terhalle, Episode 143

Join me in talking with hosts Kirsten Dunlap and Graham Smith on The Welcome Home Podcast about how to bring more happiness, purpose and joy into our every day lives, especially once we enter motherhood. We discuss how to discover your hidden passions and put them into action by using my magic formula: getting clear about what exactly energises you and brings you joy, discovering the why, or the motivation, behind these hidden passions, and the importance of just taking that first tiny, baby step.

Listen to this lighthearted podcast, beginning at minute 8:15.

Click here to listen in:

Event: International Women’s Day Celebration, Institute of Directors, London

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Think Women International Women’s Day Celebration March 8th

Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London SW15ED


At this exciting workshop to celebrate International Women’s Day, a wide range of women from diverse industries will be sharing their experiences of making changes on a micro and macro level. Join Re:locate Global’s coaches and speakers to hear how nurturing female talent – your own and that of your colleagues – can solve skill shortages, close the gender pay gap and help find the right candidates for international assignments.

Join me as the coach and facilitator for Re:locate Global at the Institute of Directors on March 8th in London.

For more information and to book tickets visit: